MR NETW3RK produced by InfiNate​(​MTV)

by DLabrie

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“I know We been dropping a lot of mixtapes and keeping our name out with big songs that weren’t necessarily for this album. I felt this project had to be special for one its my 1st official album (not counting the underground Japan shit) also its a story of my journey as an artist and as a man, up to that point and KDoe was a big part of that. We had a ora of success that just quadrupled when we would link up, and when he passed he never got to hear the completed project and afterwards I kinda hit the road and hid there for years and I didn’t drop the album I just lost motivation. I had been through so many things with this album … recording problems, switching engineers, waiting on verses, business issues, what label would I be on, distribution, waiting on Art, manufacturing, tragedies in the family, car accidents, losing friends, world catastrophes, stolen laptops, all I wanted was for this album to be special and come out right. It was a lot of pressure for it succeed for my whole label to win. Now its 4 years since KDoe’s passing and I feel like I kinda let him down because we made a pact not long before he passed that we would push on even harder if something would happen to the other and of course you don’t think that’s gonna actually happen. Now things have changed i’ve done a lot of soul searching, i’m wiser I think i’ve truly mourned now, I’ve been around the globe several times NETW3RKIN and the buzz is bigger than ever. This album is also a tribute to the Bay Area/West Coast and the influence it has had on me and the industry and vice versa because we are known for a “local sound” and as a INTERNAL market, however we have always supported all regions and all types of music here and its very diverse contrary to the medias bullshit we have some of the biggest stars music has ever seen right here + all the big entertainers from out of town pass thru the Bay and i’ve met them all, they hang out they soak game. So this shit is what I call B.U (Bay Universal) because I’m not afraid to rep the Bay but like many others in this region I’ve been all over and in the streets the Bay always gets love and we are just as legendary as anywhere else we just push it independent. The sound is still a part of HIP HOP not just Bay Hip Hop. So being that we recorded these tracks awhile back you will see how ahead of my time I was in some of these records and the sounds and trends of today. This is really the perfect album for me and I couldn’t be happier. I got some of my favorite artists & friends on here and every song has a life of its own. You will also see KDoe on 2 tracks “Breathe on me” w Nump (who KDoe introduced me too) and he is also the last verse on the album on the super Bay Remix (we will remained tight lipped on that one just know it’s hella fresh). I cover everything and vibe that has made me the spirit I am and also all the sounds that helped mold me but its subliminal even the photo shoots had specific meanings. There’s also mathematical codes in the album it may take years to figure out. The journey is EVERYTHING I don’t care about 1st week sales, hype, mainstream support or none of that shit its gonna be available for my fans and I know its a classic !! We earned this album title, its not just about knowing people its an ART to NETW3RKIN and it starts with being humble and open minded. Look out for MR NETW3RK 2 and 3 soon!!”


released 07 March 2012

produced by InfiNate, recorded & mixed at InfiNate Studios (Cupertino,CA) ,Mastered at London Lab (Redwood City,CA) by DJ Daris



all rights reserved


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DLabrie Oakland

DLabrie came up during golden age of Hip Hop &the West rap dominance of the early 90's.Seeing the Indy Ways of his hometown,he began distributing his music in 2001,pushing over 100,000+ units &being featured on MTV,CNN,NBC as well as Various Tours. As a community leader with HipHopCongress,he has traveled all over the world using Hip Hop as a vehicle to organize artists,activists,educators & youth ... more


  • Sep 27
    Oakland, CA

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